Philosophy of Design

I believe design is made up of a collaboration of individuals working for a common goal of sustainable design. Yet, ideas and interests do come from individuals, it is up to the group as a whole to take those ideas and turn them into actions. 

As I entered my early college years, I majored in Business Administration. As years passed by, my interests in subjects such as accounting and microeconomics soon diminished and opened new doors to explore. The interior architecture department caught my eye with core values as Authenticity, Community, Innovation, and Stewardship allowed me to explore my interests in art and architecture, while contributing to the well being of individualism and the environment. 

As years passed, I began to have a better understanding of what design is. I always thought that we needed to keep designing objects or a space because that is what a designer was. But over the years, I have learned that yes there are spaces and objects that need to be re-designed, but there's meaning behind design. Finding that one thing you enjoy most in the world, and making it your own. 

The best designs come from a collaboration of individuals rather than one individual. It's been 3.5 years since becoming a first year in this major, and this isn't where the learning stops. My education will continue through my professional career and when I can sit back and ponder on what I have contributed for the greater good for the world, that will be the day that my fight for sustainability and efficient design will subside because I know that we all have something special in our hearts.

And as for me, design is my gift.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Precis 1

Imagine, an advertising company with ideas of intersections, connectivity, multiple entrances and exits, circulation, change, flexibility, public/private spaces, product/systems as one, linkage, and conceal and reveal. Changes in floor and ceiling heights, materials, colors, walls, natural lighting, hierarchy, and ventilation contribute to the success of the space.

My project consists of expanding on these ideas for an advertising company. I want to explore and challenge those lines between public and private spaces with the collaboration of including product and systems and one. Changes in floor and ceiling heights will allow for a complex, yet simple space that can be used to keep the space looking lively and young.

My space is an existing building located in Colfax, North Carolina at Alfred Williams & Co. I will be using the shell of the building for the project. The original space is a two-story complex that will be altered to contain such ideas listed above.

I am very interested and excited about this project. I will be completing this project by July 31, 2008. As of now, I am working on collecting my thoughts and interests with the project through sketch models, user narratives, and word representations. Included below are a few sketch models and conceptual models.

My conceptual models represent intersections, layering, outbursts of energy and design, and intertwining. These models are the start of my investigation for a final concept for my project. The sketch models are showing ceiling height explorations, pathways leading to different areas, and hidden stairways allowing the users to have explore the space each and every day.

These are sketch models that show characteristics of intersections, layering, exploring, and fading away.

Different pathways lead to a complex, yet neat way of exploring the ideas of interests in the space.

This is representing the different ceiling heights of the spaces in comparison with the floor and walls.

Adding curvature to the walls in the space will allow for more detail and exploration throughout the space.

Stairways and different kinds of pathways behind walls and other structures will open up the space and allow for an ideal additive of exploration throughout the space.

Thank you for checking out my new blog page. Every Sunday by 5pm, I will have a new post on the life of my project. Until next Sunday the 1st of June, Enjoy!

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uncg interior architecture said...

cameron --

nice work on your design philosophy + your first precis. i like the idea that design is your gift and that the journey at school is only the beginning of your life's work. keep up the good work.